About Us

Mission Statement

  • To Elect Quality Democrats
  • To Promote the Values of the Democratic Party
  • To Improve the Quality of Life for all York County Residents

The Democratic Party of York County is committed to bringing the fresh ideas, energy and hard work needed to make York County a better place for everyone to live, work and enjoy the equal rights promised by our nation’s Constitution. Through Democratic ideals we can build our economy, make health care affordable, retirement secure, government honest and clean up the environment. We invite you to join the new Democratic Party of York County and to share your ideas for how to move our government and our party forward.

Party Officers

Elected Officers

  • Chairperson – Bob Kefauver
  • Vice Chair – Ruth Ann Shaffer
  • Secretary – Barbara Bolt
  • Treasurer – Corlyn Griggs

 Committee Directors

  • Finance and Fundraising – Pat Wallace
  • Communications/Marketing – Chad Baker
  • At Large Position – Michael Breeland
  • At Large Position – Hank Maul

Elected Democratic State Committee Members

  • Kathleen Lucas
  • Ruth Ann Shaffer
  • Dorothy Sweeney
  • Pat Wallace
  • Chad Baker
  • Brandon Burg
  • Bill Branch
  • Bob Kefauver